WordPress or Blogger App ? Best App for mobile Blogging

Which app is better for blogging from smartphone mobile? Wordpress or blogger App?
We are talking about free mobile blogging using your smartphone, and two of the popular platform for blogging are Google Blogger and wordpress.
Mobile blogging app
Blogger app for mobile
When it comes to blogging from mobile using Google blogger app then there is little disappointment because it does not give you so many options to create great blog posts.

On the other hand, WordPress app is far better at everything for mobile blogging.

As we know both the apps in play store are free and once again please take note, this whole post or blog is about blogging from mobile for free.

why and how WordPress is better than blogger app for mobile blogging.

these are few reasons which makes this app useful to Google blogger user :
  • It has many paragragraph formatting options for making your posts great.
  • Adsense ad code can be added from the app itself.
  • It gives you easy sliding menu at bottom for formatting your paragraph.
  • Alt tag can be added to image from the app itself.
  • One button switch option from text to HTML in sliding menu at bottom.
While Blogger app gives you only few option when you want to create a post from this app.

It has only basic formatting option like inserting image,bold text and insert link etc.

If you are wondering what is the use of WordPress app ,when you want to create a blog post in blogger, then don't worry, yes, WordPress app is useful for google blogger user too.

WordPress app gives you an option to convert your post to html, as I told you earlier in the post, you can just copy that whole html post and paste that in blogger html editor in your browser.

Also when you have converted your text message into html, you can paste your adsense ad code wherever you want,that from the app itself.

Remember whenever, pasting your text to html converted code in blogger blog post editor, first make sure you have checked "make 'enter' for line breaks" in Options under post setting menu in Google blogger blog.

WordPress or Blogger app

Although WordPress app has almost every option for creating a blog post but Google doc app gives you some other paragraph formatting options.

Blogger app mobile

which makes it better choice for writing best blog posts in mobile.
Mobile blog blogger app

If you write a simple post and want only one app to use for blogging from smartphone mobile then go for Wordpress app otherwise use apps which I have recommended in 3 alternate app to blogger app for Google blogger user for blogging from your mobile.