Create Blog Post with Image from Mobile using Blogger App

As this blog focuses on blogging from your mobile for google blogger so today we'll learn how to create great looking blogger post with images and how to do this in your android smartphone or iPhone?

For creating an awesome blog post,you not only need great content but great presantation of article too.

And we all know beautiful,creative and informative images add extra weight to our article or blog post, also help in better SEO if alt tags are used in images,but avoid using large and big size image as this will slow the loading speed of webpage.
Read Write blog post in Google Docs App

So lt's see, how to add images to your blog post.

First thing first, keep your article and images ready and then edit image with any image editor app, I personally use toolwiz photos app in my android smartphone.

After all editing, make sure to resize your image width 800 because this is the perfect image size for blog post for P.C and Mobile view and save the image.

Remember,to rename the image from file browser as per suitable to article, like wordpress_app.jpg.

Blog post mobile blogger

As you know you can use GoogleDocs app or Wordpress app for writing post in your mobile, and I've already written posts on how and why use wordpress and Docs app for blogger blog in your mobile.Here I am using wordpress app for this tutorial.

Now, add edited image in your article by clicking + button in wordpress app then after uploading , click image and write alt tag,title for image, if you want clickable image then write the url in link to, and then click × button to return to the post.

Blog post image

After adding all images, you need to have html code for your article because you know we will copy the html code of article then paste it in google blogger post editor in browser and publish it.