How to write Blog post from Mobile with Google Docs [App For Blogger]

Most of us would think to start a blog from your phone/mobile, we need only that Blog App but in case of Blogger App for smartphones,this app can publish your post without using any browser but you should create your post with Google docs, as I told in our post alternative apps to blogger app ,and you can do everything from android or iPhone smartphone mobile from writing post to editing template for blogger blog.

Now why Google docs best for writing post for your blog because of some of these reasons I found:
  • Very light app to use.
  • Easy to use paragraph and word formatting menu.
  • Save your documents online in Google Drive.
  • Images inserted in google docs are non clickable when posted to blogger blog.
  • You can easily create posts even without typing, by using voice typing from your smartphone.

Create mobile blog with blogger apps

You can also add photo and link in your posts and pasting your full post in blogger post editor in browser will be the same as you created and formatted your post in google docs,

Mobile blog

but if you do this with google blogger app then result is different, here is the screenshot-

Create blog from mobile

Also Google docs helps you in your paragraph,words and image formatting with various options which I’ll show you with some screenshots -

Mobile blogging
By clicking on
you get so many option for word and paragraph formatting as shown in above screenshot. And if you click on + button then you get option to insert image,link and table etc. See screenshot below-
mobile blog blogger

So by using Google docs as an alternative app to blogger app helps you to write professional and attractive looking posts from your android or iPhone smartphone mobile itself.