How to create blogger blog with your mobile

Today I'll explain why and how to create a blogger blog from your mobile and as we have already made a blog post on how to write posts and publish with our alternative apps for blogger blog.

Creating blogger blog post with your mobile is easy now with selected apps and today I am telling you why you should choose google blogger blog to start your blogging world.

Starting your blog with google blogger is the best thing if you are blogging first time and what if you get best blogger apps to use for mobile blog.

These days everyone wants to connect with people around the world whether they do it with social media or live shows.

Blogging has also been very popular among the people to connect with their fans and loved one.

So, if you have never done anything like blogging or website than it is most likely that you don’t want to invest for, you have little or no idea.

Although you get your blog domain name with but it is the best platform to start with some of the following reason :

  • No Investment only gmail ID.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple and easy to use menu and tools.
  • Adsense ads can be published as you start.
  • Almost full customization is allowed without any condition or charges.

Creating blogger’s blog is very easy, you only need just an gmail ID and you can log in to then create create your blog by giving it a name and domain name with , example

Just login to blogger with your Gmail ID and choose profile you want to associate with blogger, you should choose Google Plus or otherwise you can choose blogger profile where you would be asked to enter a name to be shown in blogger profile.

Blogger blog mobile

And then here you are, now click on create new blog.

Blogger blog mobile

Enter your blogger blog name and address of your blog,choose a theme for your blog you want and click create blog.

Blog with mobile

And start posting your thoughts,ideas and experiences, in professional style and format with our alternative apps for mobile Blogger App in your mobile or from browser in P.C or Laptop.