3 Alternate apps for blogger app to create blog from mobile

There are some mobile blogging apps provided by blogging company but Today I am going to tell you about the best alternative of blogger app to create a professional style blog post from mobile for your blogger blog.

In this post I will talk about apps available in google play store for android smartphones, for non android smartphones you can search for these apps for your mobile.

As we all know Google Blogger service is free to create blog but if you don’t have laptop or P.C then it is not easy to create professional looking blog posts from your mobile browser or blogger app by google.
Also editing blogger theme/template is almost impossible from mobile browsers.

So, here I am going to tell you those mobile apps which are not any blogging apps but with the use of these 3 apps , it becomes quite easy to do all blogging work with your mobile.

So these apps will really help you in editing or creating
  • Blogger Posts
  • Blogger theme / Template

Here are some of the best alternatives of blogger app or mobile blogging apps to edit ,create and for publishing blogger posts :

Chrome browser is the best to edit blogger posts and for publishing your blog posts. Alternatively you can use firefox or microsoft edge or dolphin browser as these are also blogger compatible browser.

Chrome for blogger app

We need google docs app to create and edit posts because you can format blog posts and then copy paste your posts in blogger post editor in your browser and you will notice formatting does not change after copy paste and posts look nice.

Google docs mobile post

To edit blogger theme/template you need an app like quick edit to edit html/java code , you can use any other code editor app which can open xml file and save them in xml format.

Quick edit blogger app

I've created this whole post using these 3 mobile apps and please comment if you have any information regarding other mobile blogging app alternative, so that we can create professional style blog posts from mobile.


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