App to Edit Blogger Theme/Template in Mobile [ Blogger Blog ]

Today we will  learn how to edit blogger template with our mobile Blogger app quick edit.
Quick edit is very good App to edit your blogger Theme in mobile because editing template in mobile browser is like impossible, so you can easily edit your template with quick edit app.
So let's start, I will explain it with some screenshots so that you can easily understand how you can edit your blogger theme in mobile.
Although post in html format can be edited in docs app or wordpress app for blogger blog but to edit theme you can use quick edit app. As we know blogger templates are mobile friendly and Editing blogger theme in your mobile does not mean you can edit only mobile template rather I am talking about whole blogger template, that includes everything from mobile template to widgets and web template.

First go to your blog and click on theme from side menu then click on right corner backup and restore button  then click download and an XML file will be downloaded.

Blogger theme template edit

and then open that XML file with quick edit app.

Mobile blogger app

Now suppose if you want to add your AdSense auto ads code in your template so that it can be shown automatically and as we know that code needs to place between <head> and </head> section, and here I’ve pasted the code below opening head section.

Blogger app adsense auto code

Also you can search anything within your blogger template like suppose I want to search footer, so from the menu click on search and then write footer and search it and you will find all result with the word footer.

Edit blogger template in mobile

Edit template blogger in mobile

It is very easy to edit your template with quick edit and you can save your edited template as an XML file and now go to your blog then again click on theme from side menu and then backup and restore on right corner, click on Choose File then select saved XML file and upload it.

That's it ,you have successfully edited your blogger template and uploaded it to your blog,so as you see it is very easy when you are editing your blogger template in mobile with Quick edit app.